Monday, May 26, 2008

Why You Need WATER FOR GAS technology Today

When I was a child, my father was always telling me how impossible it was to get energy out of nothing. He was right - it's impossible to get it out of nothing - but the scientists "forgot" to tell him that water is not "nothing" WATER IS A VERY POWERFUL FUEL. All you need is the right "match" to ignite it and...BANG!

Wait a minute! If you're thinking now "if water - when converted to gas - is explosive, isn't it dangerous?" NO, IT IS DANGEROUS, due to several factors that you will see in a minute. I've been driving with it every day for almost 2 years and have 100's of other drivers using Water for Gas technology in very hot and very cold climates - it is totally SAFE. If it wasn't safe, Water for Gas would be out of business before the end of the day. The way we release water energy is very safe and it will be ignited only by the strong spark inside your engine!

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