Monday, May 26, 2008


You have chosen to own and operate a water-to-energy converter. Water4gas is one of the most PRACTICAL “free-energy” devices, marked by extraordinary simplicity and effectiveness. This technology is from the 19th century - as old as 1884 or earlier! You cannot get anything, anywhere near this good, for several times the price. The inventor is anonymous and this technology is public domain.

The device shown to the right is called HHO Water4Gas because it separates each water particle (molecule) into a different arrangement: two “H” for Hydrogen, bonded together, plus one “O” for Oxygen. This combination, in its gaseous state, is called HHO. Also also called Rhodes' Gas or Brown’s Gas after its famous researchers, William A Rhodes and Professor Yull Brown. HHO burns beautifully and provides TONS of energy. The device uses little electricity and very little water….

The H2O Water4Gas device (“Vaporizer”) shown to the left is a technology some 85 years old - we have official US patents from the 1920’s describing this technology as the common knowledge of those days! The device simply adds water vapor to the normal mixture of gasoline and air, and has most of the benefits of its bigger brother, the HHO device.

Some say it has its origins in the fog of WW II, where it is said to have been used on U.S. aircrafts during that war. One story has it that as pilots flew their aircraft close to the surface of the water, they noticed a dramatic increase in the power and performance of their engines. For reasons that remain obscure, this technology has never reached the public.

What we have done is researched today’s technology and SIMPLIFIED the technology using readily available parts and materials, to bring you devices that are both very simple, very affordable and at the same time very POWERFUL. Our development also makes it easy for you to use, maintain and even duplicate our Water4Gas technology if you choose to.

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