Monday, May 26, 2008


Very little. If you use water only (vaporizing the water by slow bubbling it and then sucking it into the engine), a Gallon of water would be consumed in about 8 months. If you're using electrolysis to separate it to HHO first, that Gallon will be consumed in maybe 3-4 months. Still very little. You save roughly $900-$1,200 a year on gasoline alone (not to mention maintenance savings) with a monthly investment of about 5-30 cents. So if you want to talk absolutes, this is not 100% free, but you'll agree with me that we're creating a LOT of effect out of very, very little. It reminds of an old story my father used to tell me about this guy who tried to turn sand into gold...well he still needed the sand, didn't he?

This is water into gold! Not in the future but today - with home made technology.


  1. Water “conceals” a lot of energy inside. Let's examine how much.
  2. Compared to the energy of one pound of gasoline (let's call it 100%), the energy in a pound of Hydrogen is only 80% - while Brown's Gas of the same weight has a whopping 300% of the energy!
  3. When separating it into its Brown's Gas state, each Gallon of water expands into gigantic proportions – 1866 Gallons of combustible gas! That's why so much effect on the engine, while such little water is being consumed per week.

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