Monday, May 26, 2008


The list below describes the TYPICAL kit, which means it is the list recommended by Water4Gas based on our experience and the numerous feedbacks we have received so far. But when you build one, or shop for one, there could be differences depending on who made them and where. The typical kit comprises the following:

Two quart-size highly durable glass jars (durable plastic option will be given later). We’ve never seen any of these jars break or crack, in thousands of miles of day-to-day road tests. (There were two incidents that the U.S. Postal Service broke jars even though they were marked “Fragile” and wrapped well, so give them an extra good wrap before shipping.)

Converted jar lid (made of durable white plastic) with electrodes, valves, wiring terminals, etc. This is a very unique design, with SPIRALED electrodes rather than flat ones. Due to the magnetic forces created by the spirals, this design produces MORE HHO - for LESS current drawn out of the car's battery. This is your Electrolyzer.

Another converted jar lid (metallic or plastic) that makes your Vaporizer.

MAP Sensor Enhancer – a must have for great fuel economy.

Fuel Heater: pre-heats your gasoline for better gas economy, a great companion to your Hydrogen-On-Demand system.

PCV Enhancer: another companion to your Hydrogen-On-Demand system that improves the PCV function, protects your engine and saves gas.

Fuse holder + installation wiring with ready-to-hook-terminals. Plus quick splice connectors for easy electrical installation. Plus flex protective tubing.

Vacuum line T-connector. Helps you hook up the Electrolyzer or Vaporizer to the Intake Manifold of the car.


Installation hardware: Bungee cords and cable straps.

Catalyst (sometimes called “Electrolyte” but actually the electrolyte is the correct term for the catalyst PLUS water) – this is the very SAFE household Baking Soda: the typical kit should have a bag of catalyst to get you started. It completes the kit to be ‘Just Add Water.’ The electrolyte is what helps the electricity separate water into HHO. Distilled water alone does not conduct electricity so nothing would happen without this Electrolyte.

The typical bag is 3.8 oz and is enough for 6-10 months of normal driving, and more can be obtained cheaply at almost any grocery store in the world.

For full installation instructions you need to download a ebook

Click Here! to Download ebook

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