Tuesday, May 27, 2008


To install an Oxygen Sensor Enhancer, follow the installation instructions that come with EFIE if you got the enhancer from Eagle Research.

If you made it yourself from the plans given in document “D17”, follow the tuning and installation instructions in that document.

“D17” or actually D17.PDF, is number 17 in Patrick Kelly's free energy collection of patents and plans. It's title is “Dealing With The Vehicle Computer”.

It is available on the Internet: search Google for “Dealing With The Vehicle Computer” including the quote marks.

I built one but decided not to mass produce it. If you want to build one but cannot find the document, please email me. Bill Lang found that in China they would make it for you for $3 apiece if only you'd order 1000 pieces. So if $3,000 sounds like a good business investment, go for it. It's definitely in very high demand, and rising!

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