Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Honda making First Hydrogen Car for Public Use

Hydrogen fuel cells are basically a highly efficient battery. They are therefore only as clean and efficient as the electricity used to produce the hydrogen is. That said, even a coal fired powerplant gets way better efficiency than an internal combustion engine. If you move to zero emission generation technologies like nuclear, wind, solar, or tidal, then you've got a truly zero emission system.

I seem to recall that Honda at one point wanted to market this car with a home hydrogen generator that would double as a home fuel cell, to allow you to generate hydrogen when electricity is cheap and then use hydrogen to reduce your electricity use when it's more expensive, in addition to supplying hydrogen to the car.

Hydrogen storage is much much safer than it ever was. We're more than 70 years past the Hindenburg disaster, and the biggest thing we've learned? Don't store hydrogen in a highly flammable container. That's right, the Hindenburg was covered with a highly flammable fabric. There are now hundreds of fuel cell buses on the road across North America and to my knowledge not a single one of them has had a hydrogen explosion. Why in God's name would you want to transport hydrogen when you can generate it on demand from water and electricity. This is the approach taken by the hydrogen filling stations in Iceland. We're actually pretty good at transporting electricity and water.

Brilliant plan. I hope they manage to pull it off. I'd be willing to have an around town car that I could fill at home, or even a neighbor's house, eventually.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Honda makes first hydrogen cars

Japanese car manufacturer Honda has begun the first commercial production of a zero-emission, hydrogen fuel-cell powered vehicle.

The four-seater, called FCX Clarity, runs on electricity produced by combining hydrogen with oxygen, and emits water vapour.

Honda claims the vehicle offers three times better fuel efficiency than a traditional, petrol-powered car.

Honda plans to produce 200 of the cars over the next three years.

One of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of wider adoption of fuel-cell vehicles is the lack of hydrogen fuelling stations.

Critics also point out that hydrogen is costly to produce and the most common way to produce hydrogen is still from fossil fuels.

Analysis of the environmental impact of different fuel technologies has shown that the overall carbon dioxide emissions from hydrogen powered cars can be higher than that from petrol or diesel-powered vehicles.

'Monumental step'

The first five customers are all based in southern California because of the proximity of hydrogen fuelling stations, Honda said.

US actress Jamie Lee Curtis will be among the first to take delivery of the vehicle, the firm added.

The car will initially be available for lease rather than purchase in California, starting in July, and then in Japan later this year.

It is being built on the world's first dedicated production line for fuel-cell vehicles in Japan.

"This is an important day in the history of fuel-cell vehicle technology and a monumental step closer to the day when fuel-cell cars will be part of the mainstream," said John Mendel, executive vice president of American Honda.

Honda says it expects to lease a few dozen units in the US and Japan in 2008, and about 200 units within three years.

It said the cost of the car, on a three-year lease, would be $600 (£300) a month.

The FCX Clarity is based on Honda's first-generation hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle, the FCX concept car. Honda delivered around 34 of these cars, mainly in the US, of which 10 remain in use.

Booming demand

Many car makers are developing cleaner, more economical vehicles because of high fuel prices and as consumers become more concerned with the environment.

Toyota said it was struggling to keep up with booming demand for its hybrid vehicles because it was unable to make enough batteries.

Hybrid vehicles, such as Toyota's top-selling Prius, switch between a petrol engine and electric motor.

Toyota Motor Corp's executive vice president, Takeshi Uchiyamada, told the Associated Press that new battery production lines could not be added until next year.

"Hybrids are selling so well we are doing all we can to increase production," he said. "We need new lines."

Volkswagen, Europe's biggest car maker said on Monday it wanted to produce a Golf which consumed three to four litres of petrol per 100 kilometres compared with 4.3 litres currently for the most fuel-efficient model.

"In the next few years, we are not going to do without petrol and diesel motors, but the future belongs to the electric car," VW chairman Martin Winterkorn told German newspaper Bild-Zeitung.

You can see how this Hydrogen (protron exchange) fuel cell works

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Japanese invent H2O water powered car

Japanese company Genepax presents its eco-friendly car that runs on nothing but water.

The car has an energy generator that extracts hydrogen from water that is poured into the car's tank. The generator then releases electrons that produce electric power to run the car. Genepax, the company that invented the technology, aims to collaborate with Japanese manufacturers to mass produce it.

Have you ever wondered why H2O water powered cars have never been marketed by U.S companies? Maybe the word OIL comes to mind!

Now the Japanese are marketing H2O cars. Please don't tell me that America will be buying H2O cars from Japan, when this simple technology has been available for decades!!!

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