Monday, May 26, 2008


The quick splice connectors that may be provided with a typical kit are a real time and effort savers for the electrical connection. The procedure below will teach you exactly how to use them.

1.Insert the wire that you are adding, the new wire (red shown but it could be either the red or black) into the rear slot of the splice connector. Note that it will only fit from the right hand side when the connector is positioned as shown:2. Insert the wire you wish to splice to (brown wire shown for example) into the front slot of the connector as shown:
3. Using pliers press the metal connector onto the wires. This will cut through the insulation of both wires and make a firm electrical connection between them, all in one action:

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Ells said...

this is great. Thank you very much

aj said...

does the original still function with this splice?

ChrLS said...

you didn't mention anything about that 2nd wire.

one wire goes into one end and the other wire goes into the other end. then you connect them with the metal tab, simple.....but what is that other wire doing there? (the red one) a ground?

albina N muro said...

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